Orpheus is information management software specialized for immunogenetics laboratories and tissue immunogenetics departments, which complies with EFI/ASHI requirements. The system covers a wide range of HLA laboratory activities, including complete laboratory workflow from sample collection to results reporting and billing. Orpheus can be also connected to external systems and devices.

The base of the program consists of individual sections (Laboratory, DNA, Serology, Data,...) which follow analytical steps at various worksites of immunogenetics laboratory.

Transplantation process support helps with waiting list management and post-transplant follow-up steps.

Orpheus also provides communication with other systems such as hospital information systems (NIS), laboratory information systems and organ transplant center systems.

Orpheus features and benefits

  • Database of patients and donors
  • Sample processing support (DNA extraction, Serological separation, etc.)
  • Both serological and DNA typing
  • Various DNA typing methods (SSP, SSOP, SBT, NGS, RTPCR)
  • High/Low Resolution, both long strings and NMDP codes
  • Solid organ testing, antibody screening
  • Patient diagnoses according to both ICD9 and ICD10
  • ABO, Virology, Immunology
  • Transplantation process support (waiting list management and recipient follow-up steps)
  • Sample storage management (evidence, customized structure, search)
  • Lot numbers, expiration, validation tracking (reagents, materials, equipment, etc.)
  • Bar codes support
  • Labels and protocols print
  • Connection to external devices (BioRobot, AB 3130/3500, Luminex, etc.)
  • Results import from analytical software (Assign, SCORE, Fusion, QuickType, NGSEngine, etc.)
  • Connection to Bone Marrow Donor Registry software "Prometheus"
  • Statistics and reports
  • Images and files upload option
  • User roles and rights management
  • Automated billing
  • Easy tu use GUI
  • Each installation is customized to the specific needs of each HLA laboratory

Download ORPHEUS Flyer in Download section.