Information and storage management software Cryus is developed specially for Cord Blood Banks, Donor Centers, Stem Cells Collection Centers, Biotech Laboratories and Tissue Banks. The Cryus functions cover complete workflow from collection, processing, production to cryo-storing and transplantation of Hematopoietic Stem Cell products.

Information Management Software for:  

  • Cord Blood Banks
  • Donor Centers
  • Stem Cells Collection Centers
  • Biotech Laboratories
  • Tissue Banks
  • Fertility Banks

Cryus Features

  • Database of donors, recipients and their relations
  • HLA Typing (serological, DNA)
  • Collections (blood, cord blood, bone marrow, PBSC, DLI, samples)
  • Processing (plasma reduction, cleaning, cord blood, infection tests, etc.)
  • Products (cryo bags, transport bags, samples)
  • CryoStore (Product registry, customizable structure, search for product)
  • Requests (requests for products, expedition)
  • Applications (product transplantation, engraftment, complications)
  • Returns (return of unused products)
  • Code lists (reagents, materials, equipment, ....)
  • Unique identification (ISBT128 product codes)
  • Protocols, Labels (print of the protocols)

Cryus Advantage

  • Flexibility and customization
  • Supports complete lifecycle of the product
  • Workflow management
  • Both autologous or allogenic transplantations
  • Suitable for both adult donor and cord blood harvesting centres
  • Easy-to use product store management
  • On-line cooperation with a transplant centre
  • EmdisCord/Netcord integration
  • 3 years guarantee

Cryus Benefits

  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • Flexible solution, implementation of change requests guaranteed
  • Long-term guarantee of the compliance with regulatory requirements (national, FACT, Netcord, JACIE)
  • All data in a single system, regular backup of database
  • Validation Process of every released version
  • Vendor's Quality Management System certified by ISO 9001:2008
  • Vendor's Information Security Management System certified by ISO 27001:2005
  • Professional helpdesk support
  • 20 years experience in the development of medical and laboratory software

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